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Joel Osteen is Senior Pastor of the largest church in America: 30,000-member Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. The principle of the book is that you can be happy where you are. I believe God’s favor is something intangible where you’ve got God’s blessings on your lives.

His weekly television show airs on dozens of channels nationwide, and his optimistic message has made him one of the country's most popular preachers. I know people have problems say, "Well, I’ve got a terrible marriage, I’ve got a sickness I’m dealing with," but the book is a lot about having an attitude to be grateful and just making that decision to enjoy the life God’s given us. I'm not saying it’s not a struggle, but you believe for good things.

Taylor's autopsy has been completed and officials are waiting on toxicology results to determine a cause of death.Joel Taylor's death is officially off the FBI's plate -- for now at least ... Carlos Osorio -- a spokesman for the FBI's San Juan Division -- tells TMZ the feds have been pulled off the "Storm Chasers" star's case, and it's been passed back to local authorities.Osorio says FBI members conducted a preliminary investigation on the cruise ship Taylor died on this week, and concluded his death was not the result of a violent crime.star had been doing GHB during a wild party on a Royal Caribbean ship late Monday night when he fell unconscious.He was carried into his cabin and left there, where he was pronounced dead Tuesday morning.

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In parts of the book, it seems like God's justice is expressed in terms of prosperity.

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