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This may have been previously been addressed as a requirement to meet the FDA requirements for maintaining a Design History File (DHF), but not all ISO 13485 certified companies sell product in the USA.Third, there is a new requirement related to protection of confidential health information, such as the information gathered during complaint investigations and clinical studies.What if a driver wants to edit his/her ELD record days after it was submitted? When they do, the ELD rules require drivers to notify the carrier in writing within 24 hours, and default to a paper log during the malfunction time- period.Also, the rules require malfunctioning ELDs be fixed or replaced within 8 days.

If the driver rejects the time, the rules require carrier staff to review all “unassigned driving time” events, and assign them to the appropriate driver, or explain in a note on the ELD record why it is unassigned.

As a result, the ELD rules accommodate this type of off-duty truck use. If not, should your company consider having a policy? Before ELDs, when a driver moved a truck on a yard, the hours of service rules required the driver to record that time on his paper log. ELDs will automatically capture every truck move on a yard, and record it as driving time, unless the driver pushes the “yard moves” button.

For employee drivers and company owned trucks, it’s the carrier’s choice on whether it will allow use of PC. If the yard moves button is pushed, the ELD will record that time as on-duty not driving time (line 4).

This is the last part of the SQL Server Stored Procedure series where I will explain how to call and create stored procedures that update existing data in the SQL Server database using ADO. As you will notice I am passing the values to the parameters @First Name, @Last Name, @City and @Country using the Text Boxes txt First Name, txt Last Name, txt City and txt Country respectively.

A stored procedure is nothing more than a prepared SQL code that you save so you can reuse the code over and over again.

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