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(There are some anglers who are only interested in seeing these fish jump when they have a hook in their mouth.

It is certainly true that they do put on a stunning display when fighting for their freedom, but a free-jumping sailfish displays all the grace, all the magnificence of a prima ballerina.) As a sailfish hot-spot, when these creatures are on song, Phuket can compare with anywhere in the world.

The internationally recognized form of gamefish management, tag-and-release, shoots that theory down.

By Thom Henley Not far from the high rise hotels of Phuket, a shy tribe of forest dwellers clings tenaciously to time-honoured ways.

For the Mani, one of the world’s last hunter-gatherer societies, there are no weeks, months or millennia to mark the passage of time.

The word is out, and anglers are arriving from all over the world to do battle with these superb sportfish. Catch-and-release is common practice in most well-established fishing destinations; it could, and should be, the same in Phuket waters.

This should be good news for Phuket — good news for resorts, restaurants, tackle shops and charter boat operators alike. Sailfish have very little commercial value; a few Baht a kilo is all you could expect to get in the market.

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There is no need to add to the plight of the ocean’s fish stocks by needlessly slaughtering sportfish.

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