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Derrick need to do right by Mieka and he know better. I don't mess with married men I don't want nobody sleeping with my husband respect Her husband Derrick and Mieka Rose and Alaina in the dark. Mieka down people to much and that's why her clothing not selling. ("Crash Into Me, Part 1") Rose started dating Derek after they became friends. ("Crash Into Me, Part 2") When Derek decided to try things with Meredith, he told Rose and they agreed not to let it affect their professional relationship.However, when Meredith found out he had kissed Rose, she broke things off and he invited Rose to go to dinner with him. ("Lay Your Hands on Me") After five dates, Derek and Rose hadn't had sex because she wanted to wait until they were serious.Ultimately, Rose says she told her lawyer to pull the plug on the counter-offer within a day of the article being published because she says she thought ..."Ew, gross, you’re disgusting, I don’t want your money, that would make me feel disgusting." Rose made her first public speech in the wake of Weinstein last week at a women's convention with a clear message ... When she was informed that it only meant the highest level, she said she wouldn't need one. At the end of the day, Rose blew him off because she thought he was ignoring her because they'd had sex.

("Piece of My Heart") When Meredith and Rose discovered that the treatment had worked on Beth Monroe, she told Meredith she should go tell Derek because it's the kind of news he'd want to hear from her.She admitted to Lexie that she loves him, but she was trying to play it cool.("Where the Wild Things Are") When the Date and Tell policy was implemented, Rose asked what they meant. ("The Becoming") Derek started avoiding Rose after they had sex, though he claimed it was just because he lost a patient.It must be true that opposites attract, because Derrick Rose's girlfriend is something the NBA star has never been ... and who we're all happy to be seeing in photo form right now.

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("Dream a Little Dream of Me, Part 2") Despite being Derek Shepherd's ex-girlfriend, and because of the fact that she felt intimidated by Meredith's legendary relationship with Derek, Meredith and Rose actually got along well. Rose received her education from Santa Cruz, (most likely University of California, Santa Cruz) and majored in computer science for three semesters before switching over to nursing to become a scrub nurse.

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