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Not only is much of this information virtually useless, often it’s counter productive.

Men seem to be under the impression that they have to buy women’s affections with gifts, flowers, and expensive dinners.

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And remember: Supervising your toddler is on you, not her. I tell myself that helping her is part of the give-and-take of friendship, and that she will be there for me eventually. She’s always “just running out the door” or “having a horrendous day at work” when I call with a problem. In the wise words of someone (but not Maya Angelou or Mark Twain, as widely touted on the internet): “Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.” We have all been guilty of using a friend selfishly.

(Not surprisingly, they’re often the ones who give wise advice.) But we can also mend our ways if we value the relationship, and if the bad dynamic is pointed out by someone who isn’t screaming.

She said she would buy it since it was her bad habit. Tossing cigarette butts onto the ground is gross, but your husband sounds way too thin-skinned. As for location, did you expect her to place it across town when you suggested it?

The ashtray she bought is shiny, red and highly inviting to our toddler. Now we have two problems: an ashtray outside the back door, and our child’s interest in it. So long as she empties it regularly, keep quiet in (seething) neighborly fashion.

It’s even possible that what made the date so “amazing” was the frisson of doing something you both know is sort of forbidden — at least before signing forms in triplicate with H. Still, I don’t want to be the man who robs you of a potentially great love.

Men believe they have to be “nice guys” in order “get lucky.” Men are expected to believe they just have to “be themselves” and wait around – that they’ll meet someone one day.

Even much of the information in the seduction community is unhelpful.

Many of us know one couple (from a much larger pool) who beat the odds of lopsided office romance and ended up happily (enough) ever after. ” If so, keep asking other advice columnists until one says no in a very firm voice. But let’s not mix business with pleasure.”We live downstairs from an avid smoker who left her cigarette butts by our shared back door.

So, as Clint Eastwood said in “Dirty Harry”: “You’ve got to ask yourself a question. I asked if she would mind if I bought a covered ashtray for her to use. But quibbling over color and finish is taking things a bit far.

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