Xbox not updating video library

The Xbox 360 version of Plex isn't ready quite yet, but should arrive within the next couple weeks.

Sony has announced a brand new design for the TV and Video app experience on the PS4 starting today.

Obviously plenty of Plex customers are using it legitimately — many have a catalog of self-made movie backups — but the other side can't be ignored.The purpose of the new design is to focus on making content more accessible and make it easier for PS4 owners to access their streaming service apps like Netflix and You Tube.Play Station Product Marketing Senior Manager Carrie Surtees revealed the news via Play Station Blog, where she elaborated on the new features included in the TV and Video update.Other throw-ins include easy access to HD movie trailers and free downloads of the Android and Roku apps.For now, being a Plex Pass subscriber is the only way you'll be able to use the company's new Xbox One app.

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