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They used to be known as C-through-Z-list celebrities. The click-seeking media cover Whos with nearly as much passion as they do those on A- and B-lists (“Thems,” as we like to call those more recognizable stars), even if the Who has no immediately discernible skills or credits to his or her name.For example, there are Explainers — take ’s “Who Is Becca Kufrin?

Promoting a waist trainer (Amber Rose), teeth-whitening kit (’ Jax Taylor), or other wellness products (ever heard of Sugar Bear Hair gummies?

It takes hard work and an unslakable thirst to become a Who.

Whos have been raised on celebrity culture, and they reflect its values back at us in their deep desire for fame and their performance of it.

Even Cardi B, now a Them, is finding it hard to leave her Wholebrity income behind, reportedly accepting ,000 a month to continue promoting beloved affordable-clothing brand Fashion Nova on her Instagram account. While Thems are notorious for offering “No comment” when confronted with controversy, a Who will happily reply to almost any negativity on any medium with a one-liner.

When Piers Morgan retweeted a mostly nude photo of model Emily Ratajkowski, adding, “Do you want me to buy you some clothes?

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