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[ Note - for the sake of this article I will refer to the Sprint Curve as the 8330, I am fully aware that Verizon’s curve is the same model, but this article is only about the Sprint Curve and it gets redundant to keep writing “Sprint Curve” ] The 8330 is colored in RIM’s “Titanium” color scheme that has been modified with some new sophistication.

I went to a local T-Mobile store to compare Curves and was pleasantly surprised that 8330 owners didn’t just get a hand-me-down, they got an update to the Curve family.

He's a Print Production Artist / Graphic Designer in LA, has worked as an IT admin, computer tech and audio/visual specialist and reads sites like Crack Berry, BGR and Engadget constantly throughout the day.

I think you'll enjoy his straight up review - I know I did. My background with Black Berry is short compared to some.

I feel the four function keys above are constructed better and maybe RIM could take cues from how these are put together.

Having large fingers made typing with the tiny keys a challenge initially.

The taller bezel gives you the illusion of a taller screen and a more stylish device.

There was also the removal of two slightly raised plastic rails flanking the screen making the screen area appear smooth and sleek.

There is an internal GPS, but no Wi-Fi built into the device. Keep in mind, this screen is after the restore of information (approx 5,000 emails, 4000 contacts, 1000 calendar events) and the installation of 4 applications.Today we have Paul Johnson, aka pmjohnson99, with his in-depth impressions of Sprint's new Black Berry Curve 8330.Coming from a Motorola E815 (don’t laugh, that phone was a work-horse) I was just happy to be able to finally do the things the cool kids were doing in the Crack Berry world.I was going to email, brick break and laugh in the face of Wi-Fi fees as I tethered with reckless abandon. The CDMA Curve, or 8330*, or s Curve, as some have called it, has the basic shape and size of older Black Berry Curves.

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