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But simply looking at gender differences is not enough.

Rates vary considerably by race, ethnicity, and social class, and large numbers of girls as well as boys leave school before earning a high school diploma (see Figure 3).

It is designed to give students access to a broad spectrum of contacts in the field.

The Stonehill Career Development Center offers extensive assistance to students seeking employment, pursuing advanced studies or participating in postgraduate service opportunities.

First, the much smaller college-enrollment gap compared to the larger degree gap raises questions about .

College enrollments have been increasing for both young women and young men since the 1970s, but the increase for young women has been larger (see Figure 2a).

With young women making up close to 60 percent of college students, critics like Richard Whitmire, former , worry that today’s schools—with their emphasis on order, sitting still, and passive learning—are much better suited to girls than to boys.

Dropout rates illustrate the dangers of focusing too narrowly.

Dropout rates have been declining for both girls and boys, with the rate of decrease greater for girls as a group.

Among the organizations with which Stonehill College students have done internships: Majors are required to complete at least one internship for graduation.

The internship is a crucial piece of the students’ professionalization in the field and they are encouraged, if possible, to take more than one.

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