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Created using bits from the M3 and the Z4, BMW turned the junior exec into a senior performance player.It might not be an M car in the truest sense – there’s no bespoke engine to be found here – but it deserves its place alongside the Bavarian thoroughbreds.That it was built on standard production lines and not at BMW’s M Gmb H plant only serves to highlight this point.

But with the Italians falling behind schedule, BMW took the project in house and even created its own Pro Car race series to help promote its new supercar.CSL stands for ‘Coupe Sport Lightweight’, a reference to the hugely successful 3.0 CSL of 1972.If any car was fit to wear the legendary badge, this was it.BMW obviously had one eye on the future when it developed the M1…The E28 M5 was one of the original Q-cars, but its discreet appearance was no accident.

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All of which means that you could save money by ‘investing’ in a brand new BMW M2.

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