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Also, crazily enough, she was on high heels while working in the yard, which accentuated her muscular, curvaceous legs.

Had I not been such a naïve eighteen year old beginner, I would have suspected that she wanted to look attractive to a visitor she expected. Wilder picked up another empty basket, she was standing close to me and her firm butt checks touched my leg when she bent down.

Then more forcefully, she started rubbing the swollen tip and squeezing the shaft.

As her head lay on my belly, she observed her masterly treatment of my young cock and said, “This beautiful thing is made for pleasure, and I guess you know that very well. ”I stammered, “No, Annie, Lisa does not know, she only plays a little bit with it and never got it out of my pants.

“More please.”Berries rolled into the dense bush of pubic hair on her lower belly and between her meaty thighs.

Here it was all wet, the berry juice mixing with her precum, dripping down on the grass.Annie had gotten hold of my cock which now was rock hard and at full length.Her fingers were first softly sliding up and down slowly, moving the foreskin, teasing the head, slightly squeezing the shaft and fondling the balls.When I looked up, I was stunned to see right in front of my face the upper part of her meaty thighs and in between a bush of black hair under the cockles of her butt cheeks. While I wondered whether her skirt slipped up unintentionally, her next move answered that doubt. Wilder,” I stuttered, “I thought about you, too, but was afraid that I offended you.”With a sweet smile she answered, “You call me Annie, please, and help me to understand how such a young man likes this old widow.She turned around, looked deeply in my eyes and whispered, ”Don’t you think I did not notice last time how much you like my little butt. You were so sweet to me when I talked about my rotten life, and it upset me that I was so shy and kicked you out. You may not have understood how much I appreciated your attention and how much I need this.

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