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321 * 322 * When a is non-null, a parser will use a validator 323 * created from it to validate documents before it passes information 324 * down to the application.325 * 326 * When warnings/errors/fatal errors are found by the validator, the parser must 327 * handle them as if those errors were found by the parser itself.254 * @param value The value of the feature to be set.255 * 256 * @exception Parser Configuration Exception if a parser cannot 257 * be created which satisfies the requested configuration.282 * @exception SAXNot Supported Exception When the underlying XMLReader recognizes the property name but doesn't support the property. XMLReader#get Property 285 */ 286 public abstract boolean get Feature(String name) 287 throws Parser Configuration Exception, SAXNot Recognized Exception, 288 SAXNot Supported Exception; 289 290 /** 291 * Gets the object specified through 292 * the method.293 * 294 * 295 * @throws Unsupported Operation Exception 296 * For backward compatibility, when implementations for 297 * earlier versions of JAXP is used, this exception will be 298 * thrown.

281 * @exception SAXNot Recognized Exception When the underlying XMLReader does not recognize the property name.

212 */ 213 214 public boolean is Namespace Aware() 217 218 /** 219 * Indicates whether or not the factory is configured to produce 220 * parsers which validate the XML content during parse.

221 * 222 * @return true if the factory is configured to produce parsers which validate 223 * the XML content during parse; false otherwise.

187 * See here for more details.) 188 * 189 * 190 * 191 * To use modern schema languages such as W3C XML Schema or 192 * RELAX NG instead of DTD, you can configure your parser to be 193 * a non-validating parser by leaving the 194 * method , then use the 195 * method to associate a schema to a parser.

196 * 197 * 198 * @param validating true if the parser produced by this code will 199 * validate documents as they are parsed; false otherwise.

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