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Women, by virtue of biology, already bear disproportionate physical risk when it comes to sex; the added for it.After all, in a commodity mindset of sex, a woman who’s had many sex partners has, by definition, devalued herself.

Speaking of which: Tied into #2 is the idea of being non-judgmental.

I’m lucky enough to have many single female friends who are active on the dating scene, especially ones who like to share with me their dating exploits.

It provides me with a window into a world that – as a man – I have limited experience with, and helps give a much-appreciated perspective on just how men’s behavior gets interpreted.

It creates a double standard where men are taught to desire women, to try to coax them into bed and then to turn right around and punish them for doing so.

Moreover, the idea that women are less sexual than men leads to the commodity mindset of sex and relationships; since women supposedly care less, they’re able to set “the price” for access to their bodies.

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