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3) at idle, the clutch rattles like ball bearings in a 2lt Coke bottle.4) the gear-change is terrible, particularly from 1st into 2nd gear.If the KB6 in not an advancement in technology and development, and Isuzu is relying on the "tried n tested", why is the Isuzu not R20 - 30k cheaper than the opposition ?The engine characteristics are only point (1) & (2) of my opening thread.So we all drive around with USB extension / adaptor cables hanging from the dashboard. GM want almost R10k (incl fitting) for an OE towbar on the KB300 LX.I am not totally unhappy with my Isuzu, but in the back of my mind keep wondering how much better the Ford Ranger 3.2 would have been [email protected] Yes I am really happy with my KB6 my updated list of "Isuzu fails" as i posted in a previous thread.1 You can’t close the windows with the remote (in my 2006 Kb300 i could do this) 2 You can’t lock the tailgate (in my 2006 Kb300 i could do this) 3 When locking the bakkie with the remote the bakkie makes no sound. Hilux costs about the same for an "old" vehicle, it still sells.

It felt like a beast, it had a crap load of torque. What I can say about MY bakkie, is the gear ratios seem waaaay longer than my kb300 extended cab 2008. Left passenger window whistling when driving fast and when the wind is blowing in a certain direction. Even with the small issues the kb6 has, its still one of the most reliable bakkies out there.It just flashes the indicators and locks the doors (in my 2006 Kb300 i could do this) 4 Road Noise over 120km per hour (Its better that the 2006 model :-) Other than that I'm enjoying the bakkie and its also nice to drive Isuzu because in my town every second bakkie on the road is a ford 3.2 and Amarok...... Well there's a couple of things that I don't agree with..... Maybe it's because I've had a dteq before, but to be honest I immediately felt at ease shifting the bakkie. It's classified as old, but it actually now has most of the electronic aids the mighty ranger and amarok has. Electronic driving aids, etc - Not once have I wondered about this.Never has it bothered me, so I don't know what you are talking about. Plastic interior - The other's dashboard is made of what? Bum up, nose down - When was the last time you saw a hilux?Many of us did consider the Ford Ranger 3.2 for the same price, and sniggered when we read reports on his forum of Ford's 3.2 engine & auto gearbox failures.But how many of us are really happy with the new Isuzu KB6 ? 2) the engine does not like to be rev'd and does not seem to produce the power / torque claimed on paper.

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The average engine is acceptable, as is the general lack of electronic technology, but to ask somebody to fork out R475 000 for a bakkie with an average clutch and "over-the-hill" gearshift - is really a bit silly !!!

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