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Sean's son Matt goes to Christian when requesting a circumcision.Aspiring model Kimber (guest star Kelly Carlson), the latest in a long line of Christian's conquests, discovers the ugly truth about his womanizing. Mc Namara/Troy's new on-site psychologist (guest star Kevin Chamberlin) creates conflict between Sean and Christian, while at the same time Sean grows interested in an independent shrink, Dr.

Sean tries to encourage Liz (Roma Maffia) to return to work.Managing to get an invite, he brings girlfriend Kimber (Kelly Carlson) to the gathering.Julia's friend Jude (Phillip Rhys) starts working as an intern for Mc Namara/Troy, while Sean worries about their blossoming friendship.Grace Santiago, both professionally and personally. Christian's feelings for Julia begin to affect his sex life.Julia attempts to create direction in her life, and comes to terms with her recent actions.

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Sean and Julia's marriage is tested when Julia discovers she is pregnant, a surprise that could potentially derail her plans to become a doctor.

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