Ithaca college dating game

by Bill Taverner It all started at a holiday party a few years ago.

A couple of educators volunteered to bring a game of their creation, merging our passion for dynamic, interactive sexuality education with our love of having fun together.

The activity directions and instructions are clearly written and easily understandable.” Monique Howard, Ed D, MPH Executive Director New Jersey Women and AIDS Network “Game On!

We drew up a plan to develop a sexuality education gaming manual, and our CEO, CFO and board promptly approved the use of endowment funds to support this endeavor.

Two seasoned educators and trainers, Jessica Shields and Melissa Keyes Di Gioia, volunteered to get started.

The trainers had studied theof gaming, and infused it into each of the activities they presented.

They got the audience to think about the functions of gaming beyond the fun participants might have.

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is a valuable resource for any educator looking to implement interactive approaches to teaching sexuality education.

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