Inoue mao and matsumoto jun dating 2016

inspired by Love Is Unpredictable By: Silver Destined With a brand new contestant in the game, Total Drama Sex Tour just took it up a notch! For James Tennyson, son of the universal hero Ben 10, life hasn't been what most people would call normal. And his life is about to take another dip into the bizarre as he finds himself in a WORLD of heroes. James(OC)/harem After Julie breaks his heart Ben is meet by an alien Princess who calls him pharaoh. Ben x alien girls The Sequel to Grey King's Ben's Harem.

And, when the new girl is challenged to sleep with not one, not two, not five, but three of Total Drama's most famous couples, how will she handle it when she herself is a part of one of Total Drama's most famous couples? Events of his past are catching up to his present and will take Ben into a new adventure. Krystal Tennyson, the daughter of Ben Tennyson, is the current protector of Earth while her father looks for her lost brother.

(CANNON Gidx Sephie)It's time for another TDST Aftermath Show! Now the captains have to deal with a pregnant Unohana and all the complications that follow! (If you know what I mean) WARNING SEX, BAD LANGUAGE, ECT. (SMUT, LEMON OR WHATEVER IT'S CALLED) ALSO THIS IS MY FIRST WRITING EVER, ASIDE FROM SCHOOL RELATED ONES SO TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK. :)The second and final adoption of Damont Evermore. (Right after the Freedom Fighters Ri D Episode)From the Whackybiscuit Junk Drawer. When Ichigo Meets Rukia, She Gives Him Her Powers And He Becomes A Soul Reaper.

And, this time, four lovely ladies will get the chance to become the newest contestants in Total Drama Sex Tour! Kisuke and Yoruichi discover the reason behind Ichigo's prudishness: he has Erotophobia, the fear of sex. Join Ash as he must decide which of his female friends he wants to go steady with. After the death of an old enemy Ben's world turns upside down, as he is faced with a decision he never thought her would have to make, and an entirely new world. Chris has a major surprise for the season one cast as they come to an invite to see a preview of a different Total Drama Series. Orihime succumbs to her injuries during the final battle and dies, devastating Ichigo. One Problem Though, He's The First And Only Male Soul Reaper Ever In Existence. After Ichigo Defeats Ulquiorra, He Tells Orihime To Heal Her. ) X3Naruto Uzumaki is your advarge 15 year old Shinobi.

Geo agreed and became the king of the planet FM but 8 years after he ascend the throne, he learned that Earth is facing yet a new danger.

Will he save the Earth again for the fourth time or will he continue on staying in planet FM?

Request by Draxon: Traveling to the Human world in search of a worthy companion, Halibel spies Ichigo becoming a Substitute Soul Reaper and becomes intrigued. The former Substitute Soul Reaper known as Ichigo Kurosaki remembers nothing of his past. He asks Ichigo to take her home but the Substitute soon learns to his disbelief that Bambi's family is closer than he imagined. This takes place 7 years after everyone from Duel Academy. He's eager to vacation again in Alola, but even more eager to spend time with three Alolan girls from his past. However, when Orihime uses it, it does something to her and things aren't the same for her anymore.

find out I'm putting up one of my stories up for adoption, if u want it PM me and let me knowstories up for adoption Shower ecstasy I'm putting in this new rulei will not tolerate any negative or hurtful comments and spam, if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at other thingif you see my stories with (on hold) on it that means that story is halted until i get my other ones updated.i have to say something, i write at my own pace and if someone continues to bug me about when's the next story, i won't do it and work on something if it continues then i will be left with no choice but to delete the storyone more thingif you see one of stories that has the words under construction with it, it is that way because once i get around I'll work on it when i can. Vegito/harem [10 Day Updates]Memories are a very precious to everyone but what would happen if you couldn't remember who you are and all of the friends, enemies and love ones are all taken away from you? After resurrecting her, he finds that Bambietta is actually from Karakura Town and she has family there. This is Ash, now four years after returning home to Kanto from the pokemon school in Alola. She thought it was harmless and decided to take it with her.However after Ash's newest loss at the Silver Conference his friends have had enough of him losing. Paths will cross and destinies will interweave as the ongoing Charmian civil war escalates into a cross-species, inter-galactic conflict. However a dark force interfered and sends him to a dark void only to meet his best friends; Jack and Miko.Gid, Zastin and Sephie will stop at nothing to achieve what the whole universe hoped for- an age of peace, and unity. Aizen hits Ichigo with a special kido that tears apart his body and puts it inside the nearest container, which happens to be Captain Unohana! Peter and Ava on the Shield aircraft after hours, Ava's competitive side causes her to make a wager that she doesn't care if she loses to Peter. A turn of events caused them to be reborn, right into the world of the Cybertronians.A new threat from another dimension begins their assaults on Earth and an old friend murdered Megaman. Please R&RPuberty's struck again, and its latest victim is Naruto Uzumaki. It's a free for all, and absolutely NOBODY is willing to share. The original "Anti-Harerm" Naru/Saku/Hina/Ino/Anko/OC/Fem Gaara/Nabi Right after Minato sealed the Kyuubi into his son the Fox immediately drawed all her siblings to the seal and combined them together instantly making Naruto Namikaze the new Juubi and the 1st God Of Ten Path's, Konoha may think he is their weapon but , no one orders the Nidaime Juubi around without being sent to their death. when he is forgotten by those he love, what will he do.How will the Star Force handle the situation without Geo? He returns, eager to fulfill his promise to Sakura, but that's not his primary concern anymore. can he turn back into the same person or will he remain on the dark path Danny X Harem, Lemons included. The Sequel to the hit story Ben's Harem by Grey King46.

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She must trust her lovers and her family as she grows as a hero and a person.

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