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Now let me clarify that, I met my twin online and had never met him in real life until then.I had been committed to someone I had never touched and never kissed in real life.Your thoughts and actions align you to the reality you want to create, when YOU align them to the outcome you want to manifest.So let’s dive into the seven reasons to commit to your twin, whether he or she reciprocates this or not.Even when the Universe had an ex-lover show up in my backyard out of nowhere after four years and this was up til then, I had no difficulty saying no.When I turned this guy down, out of nowhere for the first time since my twin had made a run for it we talked for 5 hours on Whatsapp, he wrote me a beautiful email and then he blew my mind describing to me how he wanted to make love to me.

Trust me, if this person is your true Twin Flame they are just as stuck as you are.

What prolongs the journey for twin pairs is them playing out their karma instead of clearing it out.

3rd party partners are an important way of playing out karma, but it is simply not the quickest way to unconditional love and a life together with your twin.

It may seem really weird to commit to someone and become exclusive with someone, who is not talking to you or maybe even seeing someone else.

It’s not logical, but then again – what is logical on the Twin Flame journey?

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