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STA Travel offer special travel deals for students and travellers under 26.

I’ve never actually used their services, but have heard great things.

As a student you’re in a very unique position because this is the one time in your life when people are keen to shower you with discounts and great deals.

Your university-issued student ID grants you free or discounted access to thousands of museums and landmarks around the world.

Today I’m going to tell you exactly how to travel the world as a student – from money-saving tips and student travel deals to amazing study programmes you may never have heard of before.

So pre-drink at home before going out, set a budget for a night out and only bring cash. If you really want the extra security take your card but don’t touch it unless it’s an emergency (not a tequila-related emergency).

I’ve used it all around the world, from Yonghe Lama temple in Beijing to the Pushkin Museum in Moscow.

You can also get great discounts with an International Student Identity Card (ISIC), including money off guided tours and lots of hotel and hostel accommodation.

In the UK there are lots of them including Student Beans, Save The Student and Unidays.

You don’t need to pay anything to get all the insider info, just register.

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