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The 75-year-old 'Frost Nixon' star had coincidently dated View co-host Whoopi Goldberg in 1996 when the two met on the set of their film 'Eddie.' The couple remained together until March of 2001.

Walters said that she shared a New Years "hug and kiss" with Langella during a party in Miami and that unbeknownst to her, he was about to come down with a serious case of shingles.

News reported that Walters said "If you have never had chickenpox, you can get it from someone who has shingles," she said. He received an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Richard Nixon in the movie, "Frost/Nixon" in 2007.

"I didn't know that." "The pox came and went weeks ago. It was rumored in 2009 that Langella and Walters were linked romantically after Walters took Langella to the Literary Lions dinner at the Public Library.

In her most recent autobiography, she coughed up news that she’d had a long affair with former Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Her past loves included ex-husbands Lee Guber (now deceased, ran New York theaters) and Merv Adelson (former head of Lorimar Productions, the company that gave us “Dallas” and “Knots Landing”).

She’s also been linked and inked in the press with everyone from Sen John Warner (Liz Taylor’s ex) to the odious and happily dead Roy Cohn, who was gay and used Barbara as a beard.

Langella used to date "The View" costar, Whoopi Goldberg.

However Walters squashed the romance rumors and told Page Six," After three marriages and many beaus, Walters took the star, who has played both Dracula and Richard Nixon, to the Literary Lions dinner at the Public Library.

Langella is the former love of Walter's co-star on "The View," Whoopi Goldberg.

He then went on to say "Im not okay with things being exaggerated," so he's clearly feeling annoyed that this whole thing is as big of a story as it is. Eighties theme parties are about as hip as the band Train. In a post he later deleted, Baruchel wrote "Alone again, naturally. That was a few weeks ago, and now Pill's rep has confirmed. So, Frank Langella gave Barbara Walters chicken pox. And remember this all has to do with the watch that John Jacob Astor was wearing the night he died on the Titanic. I'm sure there's a joke here, I'm just too exhausted by the whole thing to think of one.

Supposedly referring to jokes made about her love life by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler at the Golden Globes, she told Nancy Jo Sales, "You know, Katie Couric is one of my favorite people. Of her much-discussed dating life, Swift clears the air, saying "if you want some big revelation, since 2010 I have dated exactly two people." Those two people, of course, were known teenagers Conor Kennedy and Harry Styles. In one corner, under hanging crystalline stars, sits a giant bunny made of moss." That part is just not real. [ Lots of political folks in New York City recently!

The pair sparked speculation they were a couple earlier this month (Dec09) after Walters and Langella were spotted together in Washington, D. She tells the New York Post's gossip column Page Six, "Frank and I have been friends for many years and will continue to be friends for many years, but it's not a romance." Frost/Nixon star Langella, 71, has previously dated Ghost actress Whoopi Goldberg, Walters' co-host on U.

Barbara Walters made her triumphant return to ABC's The View yesterday after overcoming the ill effects of a bad fall, followed by a bout of the chicken pox.

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Frank Langella used to date Whoopi Goldberg, by the way. Remember last week or something we were laughing at the story of Anthony Marshall, the villain who defrauded his mother Brooke Astor, going to a party for Titanic II, yes Titanic II, wearing a watch he claimed John Jacob Astor, his grandfather, was wearing on the original Titanic, Titanic I, when he died? It was yet another fraud from this crinkled old villain.

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