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All day I just laid there trying to collect my strength for the next time I needed to go. We called the EMTs and when they got there they were worried the kids would be traumatized by seeing great grandma on the floor. Once I laid with my eyes closed all day, not because I was sleeping but because I was too weak to hold my eyelids open. I did write more about this in our e-book Common Cents When You’re Sick. Since then I have been to countless doctors and they still try to diagnose something different.They all try to find something else, but the tests always come back negative.And to step into my bathroom where my husband had taken a shower already that day? I probably set world record paces at getting in and out, but a few happy tunes helped me get by.Something about the distraction and the air in and out, helped me get through it all.I even had one doctor tell me I had Muscular Dystrophy even though the tests for it were all negative!! ) The Centers for Disease Control came to Wichita to conduct a study on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 1990. They put us through everything you can imagine and still couldn’t find anything wrong with us.

So, I purchased unscented facial wipes that I could use in the convenience of my bedroom, apart from any lingering bathroom odors and just throw away at will. [Just a note: although you might find some dry food to help with the nausea, like cheerios or crackers, eventually you’ll probably have to switch it up.Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia is a debilitating and largely misunderstood chronic illness.Here is a discussion of symptoms and my experiences, along with information about getting diagnosed. Most people like me lead very normal, healthy lives and then one day– BAM! I started volunteering when I was 14 and working when I was 15.It was not easy but I was on my own then so I didn’t have to worry about caring for kids.I managed to go to school for Horticulture in 1993-1994 after moving to the Denver area and then to Estes Park. It’s horrible living with constant pain, having no memory of anything and being sick and tired all the time, no matter what you do (or don’t do! You don’t need to “just get over it.” You need help. Right now, we have days where we are semi-functional.

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