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Video games tend to be simplistic with low-res textures to keep the frame rates high — a requirement for real immersive VR.

I’ve tried a few games, and they all avoid realistic graphics for this reason.

Do your best, improve your skills, educate yourself so that you are irresistible to her.

For as cheap as 0, you can get a completely stand alone VR setup.

No PC required, no expensive video card, and best of all no cables attached to your neck that prevent turning.

maybe: Right now, your only source of software is the Oculus store, and right now the selection is a bit on the slim side. If it is finally the breakout VR hit the industry has been waiting for, all of those VR content creators who have been spending billions with little return to show for it, will need to get onto the Go.

If on the other hand Go sales are as lame as Gear VR and Playstation VR sales were, the Oculus store will continue to struggle for content. Awash in investor money, VR software development was big four years ago.

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