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Wire nails are indeed the rule today, but not all wire nails are the same. Various nails are manufactured for specific purposes, with differently proportioned and shaped heads and shafts.

Nails are made of brass, aluminum, and copper, though most often of steel.

Although, I may re-purchase it if I see it here in India.

Lastly, the cream made my skin feel just soft, smooth and supple. Things I don’t like about this product is that I wish it came in flip-cap casing. I don’t think I ll repurchase this product again if given a chance.

In an earlier era, one hundred nails of a certain size cost three pennies; hence the name “threepenny nail.” One hundred nails of the next size cost four pennies, and so on.

It came in a small super cute Marks and Spencer bag.

Inside was this hand and nail cream and also hand wash. The bag is super cute; nicely padded and small enough to carry your toiletries for weekend trip.

Today I am writing about this Marks & Spencer cream I got as a gift from my aunt- Marks and Spencer Hand and Nail Blueberry Scented Cream.

Like I said, I am working on my Ph D project in a laboratory which forces me to wash my hand frequently because I work with microbes all the time and I am very phobic of picking up infections.

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