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Andrea stands within kissing distance of Don and calls him her "bad penny." He just keeps turning up!

Don, despite being on his way to a delusional state, is still quick enough to back away and introduce Megan, whose French Canadian-ness this time around has, thank God, been whittled down to a word: "Incroyable," she says, after Andrea gets off at her floor.

Like everyone in that office, I was waiting to see what Megan's reaction would be. So the personal humiliation of singing a French song at your husband's birthday party is cause to storm out of the office, but a bunch of women dying in the worst way one can imagine is kind of just fine? Truthfully, it's how I would have reacted in an office setting when tragedy strikes across the nation, but if X project doesn't get done by Y p.m., I'm going to have an unhappy client on my hands.

But I am not Megan (fortunately in some ways, unfortunately in others).

He is but the Kleenex upon which all the other plot mucus rests. It is, though not as gross as the Time magazine photo negatives Peggy's friend Joyce brings into the office ("not suitable for publication").

Anyway, this is the second episode in a row that isn't really about our leading man — or, rather, it is, but Don's inner turmoil ends up being a hell of a lot less rewarding than the actions Joan takes by the end of the show.

and I only am escaped alone to tell thee." (She might find this poem applicable.) Ginsberg, of course, books it out of there as if being chased by a pack of locusts.

The answer is no, though when it comes to having a family with her fiancé, Prince Harry, she is definitely on board.It's one thing to talk about "killer legs" in regards to pantyhose; it's another thing to talk about defiling and killing the body attached to said stems.Joyce leans over and quotes the Book of Job to Ginsberg, no stranger to scripture: "...It was a nice balance on the show's part to give the major plot twist at the end to Joan, a walking sexual fantasy for most men in the best way possible, as opposed to the Speck murders, a sexual fantasy of the worst kind possible.The episode also features more Sally Draper, who makes for the most interesting mix of history and character.

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