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Another important consideration is how dating post-separation can negatively impact the settlement process.

Even couples that start off hoping for an amicable resolution are often derailed by jealousy or anger that is often stirred up by one spouse moving on with their romantic life.

If child custody or alimony are issues in your case, this can potentially have disastrous consequences.

For instance, it is possible that having a boyfriend or girlfriend stay overnight when your children are visiting could result in you losing custody or facing restrictions on your visitation.

South Carolina family law attorneys get asked the question all the time: “Can I date during my divorce?

The case seems less clear when you think of the millennia of data we don’t have.If you find yourself facing the prospect of a separation, divorce, support, visitation, or child custody issue, you need the help of an experienced South Carolina family law attorney to guide you through the difficult process. Jimmy John's sandwich shop has closed on Devine Street in Five Points and Macado's restaurant, which had announced it planned to open on Blossom Street in the Five Points District--no longer will after a zoning request was denied.A judge might hear about the dating and begin to believe that there's something more to it than simple dating post-separation, and that perception could add unnecessary complications to your case.First things first, if you're dating (or your spouse thinks you might be), you should be prepared for being asked about your dating life while under oath at a deposition or even at trial.

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