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Maybe you could sit down with them and tell them that on a certain day they are responsible for dinner or assign them some other chores.(Since I have limited information, I don’t know what chores your daughter had until now.) You can also make a plan with them to go to a movie or take a walk, something that brings the family together.When her daughter came back we all seemed to get along fine.

The more distressed you and your husband seem, the more your daughter will cling to her boyfriend.

My daughter is devastated as she supported him and went to all his athletic competitions and now he just thinks it’s ok with no feelings to tell her goodbye. Please advise how I can help her not go to sleep crying every night.

Your daughter is caught in the middle of a very tricky situation.

It’s hard to deal with this situation alone so maybe talk to your husband about wanting some support from him.

Does he mind them spending 85% of the time in the bedroom?

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