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Knowing that they were both in big trouble, the kids suddenly seemed wide awake and stone sober.

Arriving back at the house, Sam called Jim’s father to tell him that both his car and his son were safe and that he would call back with the particulars soon.

Not being used to drinking, and feeling odd, Jim had wisely decided to sit at the schoolyard rather than attempt to drive.

They had inadvertently fallen asleep, and the rest was history. “Well Sara” Sam said, “You know that drinking alcoholic beverages is against family rules and against the law, and cars and alcohol never mix right? “Then perhaps you had better go upstairs and wash up for bed while I take Jim home.” “I think that your mother will agree that you should prepare yourself to be punished, and we will be up in a bit to deal with you.” Already sobbing, Sara fled to her room.

Jan had heard Ben, her older brother, get punished with the belt a very few times and it made enough of an impression on her that she had managed to avoid it herself.” Jim said that he would stay and “face the music.” Sam turned to Jan and suggested that she go upstairs and check on Sara while he talked further with Jim.“You know that this will not necessarily get you out of trouble with your father right?With a sigh of relief, Sam noted that their clothing was still in good order, and little could have happened in this brightly lit, public place.As Sam opened the car door to wake the couple, he immediately noted the unmistakable odor of alcohol. He shook both of the kids awake, locked Jim’s father’s car, pocketed the keys, and drove both of them back to his house to sort things out.

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