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Because the parent company now fully controls the subsidiary, by accounting rules, the parent company must present its subsidiary’s and its own financial operations in a consolidated manner (even though the two companies may be separate legal entities).The parent company does so by publishing a consolidated financial statement, which combines the assets, liabilities, revenue, and expenses of the parent company as well as those of its affiliates (that is, its subsidiaries, associates, and joint ventures).Eliminating assets, liabilities, revenue, and expenses from public view makes determining a subsidiary’s financial results nearly impossible for shareholders or creditors.But if these transactions were included, the value of the parent company’s stock would be distorted, because these transactions would be counted twice.The mapping from Operational Chart of Accounts to Group Chart of Accounts is done through the GL Account master.When configuring RTC it is possible to assign any organisational field or fields as the entity and associated intercompany partner.Accounting rules require that parent companies eliminate these types of transactions.

But in reality, the parent company controls the subsidiary, so it no longer operates completely independently.In a nutshell, RTC means that master data and transactional data can be accessed literally real-time from S/4HANA, thanks to a deeper integration between S/4HANA, BW and BPC.In an S/4HANA environment there is no need to have different clients anymore and BW/BPC is delivered as an add-on within S/4HANA, allowing this natural integration.Most major corporations comprise numerous companies bought along the way to create their empires.The financial statement reflects the financial results for all the entities it bought as well as the original assets of the company.

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