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The decision about who should speak is made after a crisis breaks – but the pool of potential spokespersons should be identified and trained in advance.

Not only are spokespersons needed for media communications, but for all types and forms of communications, internal and external.

More and more lawyers understand that the organization in crisis can be destroyed in the court of public opinion years before the legal process plays out.

And attorneys have also come to understand that, while “no comment” translates as “we’re guilty or hiding something” to the public, there are a lot of ways to say very little without compromising legal matters, while still appearing responsive to those seeking more information.

Spokesperson training teaches you to be prepared, to be ready to respond in a way that optimizes the response of all stakeholders.5.

Experience demonstrates that organizational leadership often does not understand that in the absence of adequate internal and external communications: The basic steps of effective crisis communications are not difficult, but they require advance work in order to minimize damage.

So if you’re serious about crisis preparedness and response, read and implement these 10 steps of crisis communications, the first seven of which can and should be undertaken before any crisis occurs. Anticipate Crises If you’re being proactive and preparing for crises, gather your Crisis Communications Team for intensive brainstorming sessions on all the potential crises that could occur at your organization.

These days, spokesperson responsibilities invariably include online communication, and social media is a very easy place to make a mistake.

Matching potential spokespersons’ skills with their assignments as a member of the Crisis Communications Team is critical.

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There are at least two immediate benefits to this exercise: In some cases, of course, you know a crisis will occur because you’re planning to create it — e.g., to lay off employees, or to make a major acquisition.

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