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Every few days, a piece is added to a gigantic conspiracy puzzle which, once understood, is said to unlock the truth about the powers that be. Through his posts, Q describes a global elite that is evil, satanic, and bent on pedophilia.In his descriptions, this elite group deals with international human trafficking, it orchestrates false flag events to advance its agenda, and conducts occult rituals behind closed doors.Google’s File on You Is 10 Times Bigger Than Facebook’s - Here’s How to View It The NSA was passing the Indians selected top-secret material, such as interrogation reports and recordings of intercepted phone calls.In the weeks following the Mumbai incident, India began leaking some of the intelligence - “at times it seemed a daily occurrence,” the NSA’s country desk officer complained.To others, Q is a troll conducting either an elaborate LARP (a live-action role-playing game) or a government-conducted PSYOP.At the center of it all: Hundreds of cryptic messages posted on a regular basis by an anonymous 8Chan user who claims to have “Q Clearance”, the “highest level of security within all departments”.But not all nations who have been invited to join the alliance have jumped on board.According to an NSA document from March 2007, Japan refused to sign up to the Pacific group, expressing concerns that “unintended disclosure of its participation would be too high a risk.” A downside of SIGINT Seniors is the risk that a partner will mishandle sensitive information. By the time terrorists had struck Mumbai in a series of attacks in November 2008, the country had been admitted to the Pacific group.

Algorithm Change Causes POTUS Trump’s Facebook Traffic to Plummet 45% – Sanders, Warren Traffic UNCHANGED!#Google Gestapo Takes Out Alex Jones on You Tube #Google Gestapo Facebook Foundering – And Stalking #Google Gestapo: This is the Face of Evil #Google Gestapo - Mass Censorship Begins "The deep state favored a Clinton presidency because CIA & NSA powers massively expanded under Democrat leadership.They had laxity and wanted to maintain the status quo.The NSA limited the provisioning of top-secret information to India after repeated warnings and meetings left it dissatisfied.Still, the NSA, which had deployed analysts to India, remained hopeful Indian intelligence agencies would “mature … According to the 2013 “black budget” – a portion of the U. federal budget dedicated to secret intelligence-gathering work – the NSA was that year working to bolster both the European and Pacific branches of the SIGINT Seniors, and planned to “expand the level of cooperation on [counterterrorism] and explore other potential areas of collaboration.” Claiming to be a high-level government insider, “Q” has been posting cryptic messages on 8Chan, unveiling the extent of the “deep state” while claiming that it is about to be taken down. To some, “Q” is a hero, a patriot, and maybe even something of a savior.

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