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Patrick Leahy and dozens of other senators had urged the Minnesota Democrat to step down.BUt Leahy said in late December that he regretted calling for Franken to resign instead of waiting for an ethics investigation.“It’s like he joined a new dating site ' OK Stupid.’” “So Rudy Giuliani as you know replaced Michael Cohen, that was his lawyer, so Rudy is in for Michael Cohen, he’s traded a lawyer who carried a bat for a lawyer who turns into one,” Maher explained.“Rudy had a pretty rough beginning, I mean it seems like weeks ago, but it was only yesterday, the lies turnover so quickly, Rudy was all over Fox News and admitted that Trump fired Comey because of the Russian investigation, admitted that Trump reimbursed Cohen for the Stormy Daniels payoff, admitted that Trump knew about the hush money to Stormy Daniels.” “I think the person that needs money to hush is Rudy,” he continued to joke.Maher tweeted out a re-enactment aboard a private jet on the way to Hawaii, featuring Saget of the now-infamous snap of former Democratic US Senator Al Franken appearing to grope a sleeping female reporter, in the early morning hours on Thursday.The original photo of Franken and Leeann Tweeden, now a Los Angeles radio anchor, ultimately tipped off allegations of sexual misconduct against Franken, which led to his resignation from the Senate on Tuesday.

In mid-November when the photo surfaced, Tweeden also accused Franken of forcibly kissing her during the same tour.Many of Maher's fans thought the stunt was funny, but others were quick to point out the tasteless nature of the joke, especially given Franken's official resignation on Tuesday.Bill Maher (L) tweeted out a re-enactment featuring Bill Saget (R) of the now-infamous photo of former Democratic US Senator Al Franken appearing to grope a sleeping female reporter, in the early morning hours on Thursday The photo Maher tweeted on Thursday included this message:'These New Years Hawaii trips are getting weird - Saget, forgive me!'Maher was posed on an airplane as if he were grabbing a sleeping Saget's chest, just as Franken was posed in the photo with a sleeping Tweeden from 2006.Two women can be seen smiling in the background, from an angle to seems like their view of Maher was obstructed, and a third man appears to be sleeping with an eye mask on. Not cool.' That prompted another person to respond, saying, 'I think he’s mocking the Democrats decision to force Franken out.'Maher didn't clarify the intended message of the post, but many social media users pointed out that he's a comedian, and making light of current events is what comedians do.

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