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The campaign will end on Tuesday 8th May, OCRF White Shirt Day and World Ovarian Cancer day.

Sexy Ads is for adult men and women who think they are!

On average, four Australian women are diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer every day.

There’s a simple action you can take that will address both.

Over 250 Indigenous Australian language groups covered the continent at the time of European settlement in 1788.

Today only around 120 of those languages are still spoken and many are at risk of being lost as Elders pass away.

"Statistics show that one Australian women dies of ovarian cancer every ten hours.

Without an early detection test for ovarian cancer, ten remains a number without hope," OCRF CEO Lucinda Nolan said.

The shirts range from a tailored work shirt to more flowing bohemian styles. Because there is no cure or early detection test, when it comes to ovarian cancer research is the only answer. "Over the last nine years we have raised over million and through this contribution, the OCRF have been able to fund a full time research fellow as well as support and sustain four of their eight research studies into developing an early detection test." This year's campaign is themed around the number 10, with 10 influential women on board as ambassadors including TV presenter Jessica Rowe, actress Jodi Gordon, model Samantha Harris, Ovarian Cancer patient Letitia Linke, Ovarian Cancer survivor Leane Flynn and OCRF research fellow Dr Caroline Ford.As a part of AIATSIS’ Ngunawal Revival Project, we assisted in writing an acknowledgment of country in Ngunawal, which PM Malcom Turnbull has said in Parliament.But on what other occasions have Indigenous Australian languages been used in Parliament?Merle and Alick Jackomos have a long connection with AIATSIS.Upon hearing the news that the Jackomos family home was being sold, the Institute contacted Merle and Alick’s daughter, Esmai, to make arrangements for the preservation of her parents’ papers.

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