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An Australian man in his 40s has died in Thailand following a savage bar fight in 'notorious' party town Pattaya, where he was thrown to the floor and 'stomped on'.

The victim was fatally assaulted at the Ruby Lounge on Friday night by as many as five men in front of 'shocked' customers and staff, The Herald Sun reported.

Here we present "54 Ways You Can Help Israel" – in no particular order. There should be some place to denounce nazis, anti-israelis, anti-jews. They only close accounts that express hate against who is not Jewish. I buy Jewish products, and give Matzah to my non-Jewish friends in Passover to stop that lie about Jews cooking cookies with Christian children's blood.

), you can support the soldiers with a very valuable, personal gift: Hope this helps! - from New Zealand My grandfather as well as many other people relatives was a soldier in world war 2 he was one of many who landed on the beaches on D-Day later he fought in the battle of the Bulge he once told me that was nothing compared to what he later seen what happened to the Jews African Americans complain of being slaves for a few hundred years that's nothing compared to the 2000 years of slavery the Jews went threw after we won war world 2 the allies and the world voted and they were giving there own nation the nation that god gave them which really was already there land anyways stolen by the Muslims which do nothing but try to build over there religion on what the Jews already had the temple of the dome has no right to be on the already established Jews sacred ground I would like to say im sorry to Israel for America not doing and being there helping are closest and loved allied and friend sorry we voted in a President which has no American values we America was built as a Christian nation yes freedom is one thing and Muslims have a right to be an American but respect and know we are a Christian nation if they cant live with that then don't become American or leave if you are already here I pray Donald Trump will win the next election but until then please send me some info and a plane ticket to come over there to help yall fight I am a Christian woman living in South Africa and really admire your spirit and what you have done to develop your country and no other country deserves more praise than you do. מי ייתן והאדון נותן חוכמה לבנימין, בנימין נתניהו, וarme ישראלLord, Thank for Israel. May the Lord give wisdom to Benjamin Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel army!

You operate in such difficult circumstances but carry on building your country while others criticize and do nothing to build theirs. i am ordinary scottish i have always believed in the beliefs of the jewish faith even though i,m religion and country have been vilifide over the years for defending should be proud to live and die for your someone gets this message just know i am pro israel and pro jewish always have been and will be to the day i die.

We see that the problem in Arab countries is not Israel but the radical Islamist organizations such as Hamas, hizbalah, isis, alqaida and many others who ruin the lives of Muslims and other minorities.

I wish you victory over Palestinian terrorists and arab haters. We often feel that we are at the "end of the earth" and would like to do more - this list is very helpful!

I haven't read through the 273 comments (to date) thus I'm not sure whether any of these may have been mentioned already, but here are four more charities that are worthwhile supporting: E F R A T - it doesn't make sense that we support Israel in various ways and then little Jewish babies are aborted, because their parents (married or single) just don't have the money to bring them into this world! - E K E T - Israel's food bank - help save thousands of unserved meals from hotels and help harvest produce that is donated - N I T E D H A T Z A L A H (“ambucycles”) - they are the small "motorcycle ambulances" which we often see speeding down the foodpaths with blaring sirens - they are operated by voluteers and arrives on average within 90 seconds at the emergency - making it faster than an ambulance that may get stuck in traffic, therefore providing vital care until the ambulance arrives.

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Bar staff contacted paramedics, who rushed to the venue just after 7.30pm as a 'patron with medical experience' put the victim in the recovery position and attempted to administer first aid.'He [the attacker] smashed his foot from above in the guys [victim's] face at least 10-15 times with full force.

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