Are dating services a scam

Or once you've established an online relationship, the suitor gives multiple excuses to avoid meeting up.Or he or she cancels a date to finally meet at the last minute for outlandish reasons.

is a well disguised scam operating as a dating site.

Monica Whitty, a psychologist and the author of “Truth, Lies and Trust on the Internet” (Routledge, 2008), is working to develop new ways to detect and prevent online fraud, such as software with the potential to identify scammers through the language they use.

And AARP is petitioning leading online dating sites such as and Ok Cupid to educate its members on how common and devastating—financially and emotionally—these scams can be.

An ensuing plea for money might involve expenses for family members, medical problems, or a business deal gone sour.

In our survey, more women than men (56 percent to 41 percent) reported hesitating to try online dating because of concerns about scams.

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