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"I'm constantly taking new classes," says the NUVO convention and Steps on Broadway teacher. and more, says: "Dance has given me so many things.

"After each one, I write down what I've learned and then study it, so I always have it to share later." Parsons, who's danced with River North Dance Company, Mia Michaels R. It's given me a career, relationships, friendships—really my whole community of support. I want to help others see that there's always more to learn and more to experience in dance." "When we come together and start talking, everyone starts sharing so much and it's just great.

The talent is next-level, the stories are emotional and J.

Lo's hoop earrings could double as real-life hula hoops (Yassss queen 😍).

Summer is upon us, and we are absolutely LIVING for this show, guys!

In case you missed the premiere, or you just loved it so much you want to relive the dance magic again with us, here are three standout performances from last night that we can't get over. Studio owners and dance teachers have long lamented the summer months as a traditionally slow season.

I believe that doing this was ultimately more valuable than any time we could have spent cleaning details and making the piece perfect.

Later, he also appeared as a dancer in a season 3 episode of the TV series ‘Broad City’.

Girlfriend– There is no information regarding the current girlfriend of this handsome hunk. In So You Think you Can Dance Season 14– He is performing very well with partner Tayloe Sieve in the 14 season of United States reality show “So You Think You Can Dance”.

heart was stolen long before that by none other than Emmy Award–winning choreographer Mandy Moore.

As his first jazz teacher at Bobbie's School of Performing Arts in Thousand Oaks, California, Moore taught him everything he knows about dancing.

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