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For most integrations that involve video recording and archiving, HTTP and RTMP must be hosted on same physical server so web scripts have access to the video files saved by rtmp server for management and conversion.The hardware configuration depends very much on the number of website members and visitors and also on website settings and target, so we cannot give you exact requirements.Number of streams consumed for each user connected to server depends on communication logic. If there are 2 way private video chat rooms where each user sees 1 other video and transmits 1 video, 2 streams per user will be required.If there are video conference rooms where each user transmits 1 video and sees other 3 videos, 4 streams per user will be required.

We gladly accept purchase orders from schools, therapy clinics and government institutions.For good performance and reliability average use should be maintained under 35-60% of maximum connection capacity.In example a dedicated server with 1000Mbps connection should be allocated when 500 Mbps streaming is expected. Because there's additional data used in addition to streaming, like other interactions, networking packets info, connection management traffic, often other services like web/mail/dns on same server.The most important feature for video streaming is rtmp server connectivity.We recommend servers with dedicated 100Mbps or 1000Mbps ports in well connected data centers (that have gigabyte connections with several providers).

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