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I brought the information to my manager and wanted to spearhead a whole new campaign and she was not interested.

I kept bringing information to my practice council, at each meeting, and telling individual nurse after individual nurse about how we could assess for delirium, shorten it's duration, and even prevent worsening delirium.

Once you have decided where to document the CAM-ICU findings, the next step is to identify how CAM-ICU findings will be documented.

We have found that different institutions choose to record the overall CAM-ICU as either "positive" or "negative" OR "Yes", "No" and "UTA." The table below shows the various terminologies that have been used.

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We recommend picking language that your staff best understands.

We recommend adding the CAM-ICU and RASS documentation to the check-list that you use in the regularly scheduled documentation compliance reviews (e.g. The following studies documented the implementation of the RASS and CAM-ICU into the bedside nursing assessments of critically ill patients in Medical and Trauma Intensive Care Units.

On my very first day there, I have now joined their practice council and am on their committee regarding delirium. It may have taken 2 years, but I can now use the knowledge that I was so grateful to receive at your conference.

I sent a "thank you" email to you all back then and said it was the best conference I had ever been to and I still feel that way.

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