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The university unveiled the policy Wednesday amid the #Me Too movement that has thrust conversations about the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment into the open.

At UMass Amherst, those conversations have been spurred in no small part by student activists, including the group Graduate Women in STEM, or GWIS.“I am personally very happy to see this policy implemented,” Joelle Labastide, the group’s co-chairwoman, said.

“People are really talking, they’re sharing experiences and minds are changing,” she said, describing how she has had frank talks with professors and others in her department about the climate on campus.

“I’ve had people tell me it just feels different on campus.” GWIS members have been at the table with administrators during policy discussions, making recommendations as part of a task force Subbaswamy convened to address sexual violence on campus..

That policy requires faculty to remove themselves from “any supervisory, evaluative, advisory or other pedagogical role” if there is a relationship.

Faculty at Mount Holyoke College have voted to draft a new policy on faculty-student relationships, and are expected to vote on that new policy soon, according to campus spokeswoman Keely Savoie.

At a town hall event held by GWIS in October, Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy said that since 1997, there have been three failed attempts to implement a consensual relationship policy.

“It’s just an awareness that other institutions have adopted policies like this,” he said.

Weinbaum, however, said the policy comes as a direct result of GWIS and its advocacy.

Adjunct Professors are employed by universities and are responsible for developing course syllabus, monitoring student performance, assisting academic chairs, teaching class materials, instructing students outside class, and supervising various university activities.

The average example resume for Adjunct Professor highlights academic expertise, organizational skills, teamwork, excellent communication and interpersonal abilities, computer competencies, and mentoring skills. Developed training objectives and measurable goals in Professional Development Courses classroom.

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